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  • Dr. Bowen, Thank you so much for all your knowledgeable and kind care for me during my pregnancy and for Daniel and me during my labor and delivery. We couldn’t have asked for a better doctor. Keep up the good work! If the Lord allows us to stay in this area, we would be delighted to have you deliver our children to come. God bless!

    -Ryan, Tabitha and Daniel

  • Thank you to all the staff and especially to Dr. Bowen for your help and support during the tricky pregnancy. We appreciate everything and feel blessed to have a healthy baby.


  • When a client tells me that she is birthing with Dr. Bowen, I can feel the tension flow out of my body. It’s such a comfort to know that whatever my client’s wishes are for her pregnancy, birth and immediate postpartum, they will be adhered to as much as is humanly possible. The clients I have had who were with Dr. Bowen have asked for a broad range of choices and Dr. Bowen has been respectful of each one. I have seen Dr. Bowen sit on his hands while a first-time Mom worked with her body to get her own baby out in a good way. And I have also seen him respond with quick and appropriate medical intervention when it was necessary. I can honestly say that every birth I have attended with Dr. Bowen has been a pleasant and joyful experience.

    -April Kline, Doula

  • Thank you for everything! We are so blessed to have such a beautiful little boy.

    -Alyssa and Eric

  • I’ve worked with many physicians in my capacity as a doula. I highly recommend Dr. Bowen to clients for his dedication to mother-centered care. Dr. Bowen respects each woman’s desire to birth in the way she chooses, and he is particularly patient regarding the birth process. He intervenes when necessary, but he’s also confident in women’s ability to give birth. During labor, I’ve seen Dr. Bowen affirm and encourage his patients; he also explains everything he does and treats each woman and family with sincerity and respect.

    -Jeannie Brigger, Doula

  • I have been a patient of Dr. Bowen’s since 2004. His level of professionalism and standard of care have continually amazed me. When I found out I was pregnant last summer I knew that there was no one else I wanted to deliver my baby. His calm and patient presence was such comfort to me as I went through my first pregnancy and delivery. I am so grateful to him for bringing my baby boy safely into the world!

    -Megan Kelly

  • Thank you to everyone for all you did during my pregnancy and birth of our daughter. We had a great experience (well the actual birth wasn’t fun, but everything turned our good so I won’t complainJ). We appreciate everyone being so nice and helpful.

    -Kendra, Roger, Carson, Caleb and Cammie



The Bowen Center for Women’s Health understands the emotional and physical processes that women flow through during this time. We offer compassion and knowledge to support you during pregnancy and beyond.

Childbirth Education

Childbirth education at The Bowen Center gives you tools that will enable you to give birth in the manner that you choose. You and your partner develop strategies for coping and physical ease during your labor and birth.

Massage Services

Therapeutic massage has been used for centuries to improve overall health, reduce stress and relieve muscle tension. Modern investigation and research is proving that prenatal massge therary can be a very instrumental ingredient in women’s prenatal care.

Gynecological Services

We know that women have individual needs and concerns. At The Bowen Center we strive to offer personalized care to each patient while maintaining the level of compassion and respect women deserve with a highly skilled approach to gynecological care and procedures.